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Welcome to the Village for Expat Mamas

Have a look around and get comfy. You will find links to our beautiful community of Mamas on Facebook, who share stories as well as tips and tricks for riding the rollercoaster of being a Mama away from home. You can also check out the coaching page to see how relationship coaching can help secure, protect and nourish your relationships for this wild ride. You will come across my Blog where I share the sublime (and the ridiculous!) moments of my journey as an Expat Mama. Thanks for joining me. I’m so happy you’re here. Welcome home x


We can support each other in this amazing, blessed, beautiful, tough, painful, crazy, wonderful life as Expat Mamas.

What We Do

‘Bloom Where You are Planted’

– Saint Francis de Sales



Relationship coaching packages to strengthen, nourish and nurture relationships so that they can survive and thrive no matter what life throws at it- including being parents!
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Join the community of Expat Mamas sharing their experiences and insights into having, and raising, children far from home.
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Coming soon! Online courses and workshops to support growth and understanding in relationships.
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