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Relationship Coaching

Relationship Coaching is a great way to gain new perspective and clarity at times of change and growth. It is also a beautiful tool to gain insight into strengthening and securing relationships as they evolve when partners are parents too.

Relationship Coaching

Relationship Coaching is a great way to gain new perspective and clarity at times of change and growth. It is also a beautiful tool to gain insight into strengthening and securing relationships as they evolve when partners are parents too.
Frequently Asked Questions

What is coaching?

‘A professional partnership between a qualified coach and an individual or team that support the achievement of extra-ordinary results, based on goals set by the individual or team’ (ICF 2005)

In other words I will support you to get where you want to go. We will work together to set goals and establish systems, habits and practices to get you there.

Ok But what is a Relationship Coach?

A relationship coach (like me!) specialises in supporting the development, growth and flourishing of healthy, beautiful relationships. I teach clients about the foundations that underpin healthy relationships and we work together to set goals for their relationship in their unique circumstances. We then systematically develop tools and strategies to strengthen, nourish and nurture their relationship so that it can survive and thrive no matter what life throws at it!

Relationship and communication coaching for Individuals and Couples

Why is relationship coaching important?

Human beings are programmed, hardwired, built for connection. Feeling safe and loved is a core need of all human beings. We know that children thrive best in secure and loving homes. So for us as individuals, and for us as parents, the health of our intimate relationships needs to be an absolute priority. This is even more important for Expat Mamas. Often our partners are our only family in our new countries, so not only is the pressure bigger on the relationship but the importance of strengthening the relationship is that much more pronounced.

Is there any type of relationship that you don’t work with?

All coaching programs are fully LGBTQIA inclusive. I believe that everyone deserves to have healthy, loving and supportive relationships.

I don’t work with clients in relationships where there is family violence. If you are currently experiencing domestic or family violence please contact 1800 RESPECT (1800 737 732 or visit ) and visit to find the right support fo you.

What are the BRAVO sessions I have seen you talk about?

Great question! BRAVO refers to the Five Foundation Principals I believe underpin every healthy and happy relationship. BRAVO stands for Boundaries, Respect, Attention, Vulnerability and Openness. In coaching sessions, we work together on what each of these means to you, how they show up (or not) in your relationships and how to get them to show up and work for you so that your relationships can be strong, healthy and happy for the long term- even when there are huge life changes (like having children, or moving country!) 

Chloe was so lovely to work with. She is prompt, easy to approach, easy to communicate with! She listened to my aims and goals and turned them into magic! The process was smooth and easy! Will absolutely use her again and recommend to others! Thank you so much!!


Bec M.

I was very nervous to do coaching for the first time and Chloe was lovely and welcoming. Chloe really shifted my mindset in regards to what I wanted to achieve in life and how to get there. She challenged my negative thoughts and highlighted my strengths which gave me a confidence I forgot I had. I now have a responsibility to myself to achieve my goals from her sessions. Thank you!!!! 


Shauna P.

Working with Chloe was exciting, I was always looking forward to our sessions. She made me feel very much comfortable. She helped me a lot with the challenges of being a single mum who lives far away from her home and family. I can only recommend Chloe


Anna M.

I always look forward to my sessions with Chloe.We’ve talked relationships, intimacy, love, money, work, kids and all the things life throws down. Talking to her I feel safe and supported while helping build my confidence to take charge outside the sessions.Chloe is effervescent yet calming. She has genuine interest in helping you work though whatever barrier is stopping you from being your absolute best self. Spend some time with Chloe. Your future self will thank you for it.


Michelle S

I offer a range of services to suit your personal circumstances

OK you’ve convinced me what are your programs?

Circuit Breaker

$250(1 hr coaching 2x email follow up)

This is perfect if your relationship is in crisis, if you feel like there are major roadblocks to a healthy relationship and you are not sure where to go next.

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$250(1 hr coaching 2x email follow up)

This is ideal if your relationship needs a quick check in and a few tweaks- Think of this one like your annual car service!

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5 weekly sessions over Zoom


This is the most popular program. It offers the chance to look at all areas of the relationship and focus on each one to greatly improve the health and wellbeing of the whole relationship.

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Couples 1/2 day

$600 +travel(3 hours live in person-Metro Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula only or over Zoom)

This is ideal if you need to work through some key issues in your relationship and are looking for some immediate tools and strategies to kickstart the journey to the relationship you want and deserve.

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